This page exists to keep track of the chapter list, as well as provide a brief description for each chapter (mostly to keep me reminded of what the chapters are meant to be and the ordering of the story).

Mostly trying to follow along the Story Arcs already detailed, giving enough time to expand each of the individual arcs to what is necessary.

1. Zitasu and Vismaal Preparations

No names will be revealed. Chapter of Zitasu making preparations expecting Council members to visit and force him to capitulate. Summons up VIsmaal and orders a dampening aura around the city, preventing exiting and most magics. Also causes Vismaal to note that it means the Djinn will be unable to intervene, due to the pressure in keeping up the dampening field around the city. Zitasu hesitates but agrees after pecifically forbidding Vismaal from contacting the Council members.

2. Dronmud, the Tavern and the strange visitors

The classic scene I've had in my head for so long. No real description necessary, but will introduce Aera and Velkor (probably) as the outsiders, as well as expand on the upcoming catastrophe. Ends with Dronmund passing out on the Tavern stairs.

3. Dronmund within the Citadel

Also no need much description, Dronmund awakes, learns some secrets from his teacher and his father. His father promises to tell him more tomorrow and asks him to sleep.

4. Southwind on Fire

Awoken with a start, Dronmund learns his father has been assassinated, and Southwind is under siege and burning. His teacher manages to get him safely onto a sailship with a few trusted members of the citadel, in order to free from the citadel. He stays behind to guard the vault. The chapter ends with Dronmund and friends sailing off into the night.

5. Ovik's Problematic Rebellion

Ovik's rebellion has the perfect opportunity to strike at a weakened empire, but it is plagued by internal drama and fighting. He tries to get to the bottom of this, stating the Southwind siege was not planned. NEED GOOD WAY TO END HERE.

6. The Supreme Council

The council discusses many problems plaguing the empire. Desperate to regain their foothold on the empire, the council session goes into depth about the many problems surrounding the empire. Halfway through the session, the news of Southwind's siege reaches the council's ears, throwing everything into disarray. Chapter ends with the news being recieved.

7. A Secret Mission

Realising the problems are a lot worse than imagined, the Council decides to send 4 high ranking members on a secret mission to reclaim power to the cursed island. The remaining members need to be sent elsewhere to deal with the rebellion. Furalmer decides to stay by himself to keep the capital under control, sending council members all over to reclaim the peace.

8. Travelling to Dulkrag and beyond

Detailing the movements of the 4 council members sent to the cursed island. This chapter is mostly for induvidual character building of the 4 council members who will play a larger part in the events to come. Travelling undetected isn't trivial and requires a fair amount of creative use of magic. While travelling they slowly go through events that led the empire to this point. SOME SORT OF COOL EVENT THAT ENDS THIS CHAPTER (SINCE THIS WILL BE THE START OF A BREAK FOR THE COUNCIL STORYLINE)

9. Shipwrecked on the Cursed Island

Starts up with Dronmund emerging above deck to realise the storms are treacherous and the ship is being forced off course. The entire crew is surprised when they hit land rather suddenly, shipwrecking themselves in the process. This island was not on any known maps nor was visible until it was right in front of them. The group end up camping on the beach, seeing a patch of forest followed by desert, with a city in the distance. Dronmund shares the story of what happened in the tavern the day he left. The ship captain exclaims that he recognizes the faerie woman from his story, saying he is sure that is in fact the most powerful sorceress in the world. Upon further examination, he recognizes Velkor also, as the leader of the Paleshift society. A brief explanation and discussion on this revelation follows, with plans being made to find the city and be on their way.

10. Journey and acquiring entrance to Shekara

Details journey through the desert. Sopme more discussion occurs about events that unfolded in Southwind and otherwise. Upon reaching the city, they are forbidden entry. The group attempts to convince the guards to allow them through, promising riches and everything else. SOME SORT OF EVENT THAT CHANGES THAT APPEARS TO CHANGE THE GUARD'S MIND (in reality this will be the influence of Vismaal, realising that there is now a loophole he can use to bring the city down, since he is only expressly forbidden from talking to the Council members and their party -- none of this will be clear at the time). Chapter ends with finding lodging and trying to come up with a plan to acquire a ship or passage out of here.

11. Aera's Introduction

THIS CHAPTER HAS TO BE EPIC. Aera is in Pereshka looking into secrets of the past. Starts down the slow unravelling of the histories behind the empire's formation. Chapter ends with discovering something crazy, which should lead her to decide to travel to Karkus.