"People assume that we create magic. Magic simply exists. The ability to manipulate these elemental forces among us is what distinguishes Magic users from mere mortals." - Mertheim

Magic is a concept in Avaris that is not created. Just like air, waves of elemental energy exist all over the world. People born with the gift of magic are simply able to control these waves and manipulate the energy to best suit their needs. As mages get more and more accomplished, they are able to expend less energy to perform each feat of magic until even the most exhausting of tasks is effortless.

Typically, there are 2 parts to successfully being able to utilize magic. A user needs to be able to perceive magical energies around them. Following this, the user needs to be able to control these energies.

There are a few different types of mages across the world of Avaris. While the differences between them is not very large and the end result often ends up being the same, the distinction exists nonetheless. The term is quite hazy at times when a magic user exhibits traits from multiple types of these classifications, but it's more useful for a general overview of magic.

Due to the end result often appearing the same to non-mages, the terms are often used inter-changeably. Indeed, the distinction matters very little for most people. This distinction comes into play in mage duels, due to it giving understanding on where someone draws their power from.


Wizards are the most common of Mage in the continent of Avaris. Wizards are often born with the innate ability to perceive magic, but without any control. For this reason, Wizards, more than any other mage, draws his or her strength from superior control of magical energies. Wizards spend much of their training focusing on control of magical energies, and they derive their strength from how precisely they are able to control this energy. An example of a noted Wizard is Mertheim, the Elvish Wizard who was said to have perfect control of Magic, such that it was impossible to exceed his capability and strength. Another example of a noted wizard is Velkor, the current leader of the Paleshift society.


Sorcerers are much less common than Wizards are. They are often born with a high level of control of magic, but without the ability to perceive it. Sorcerer training often lasts a much smaller amount of time compared to Wizards, because of their inbuilt ability to control magic. Learning the ability to perceive magic takes much less time. However, this also generally means that the ceiling of power that most Sorcerers reach is less than the strongest Wizards. This is because it's very difficult for Sorcerers to gain further control on magic, having been born with the ability. Of course, there are always exceptions. An example of a noted sorcerer is Aera, the Faerie Sorceress, widely considered to be one of the most powerful mages alive is one such exception. Another example of a noted sorcerer is Zyrustalo, the original conqueror of Avaris.


Arcanists are the least common mage in Avaris, though not due to lack of trying. This is because Arcanists are born without the ability to perceive or control magic. For this reason, a successful Arcanist is a very rare occurrence. Plenty of people try to do so, but becoming a mage through pure study and practice with zero inbuilt talent is a treacherous path. That being said, successful arcanists can end up being incredibly strong, as well as incredibly well-read on the intricacies of magic. A great example of a noted arcanist is Athantor, the Dwarven Mage, who was powerful enough to defeat Mertheim in the battlefield.


Incredibly rare and basically non-existent on Avaris, Spectres are born with the ability to both perceive and control magic. Spectres require no training to be able to utilize magic power to it's fullest. While there have been no reports of any Spectres in Avaris itself, it is more common to find spectres in the Mirror Universe, notably among the Djinns. Vismaal, the lord of the Djinns is an example of a noted spectre.